Welcome to Great Abington Primary School

Thank you for taking the time to find out about our school.  Our vision statement at Great Abington Primary is “a rich and creative environment for learning where every child matters” and everything we do is guided by these words. As you’ll see from our Twitter feed, we may be a small school but this doesn’t stop us offering our pupils a very wide range of exciting activities to make learning as enjoyable and “hands-on” as possible. We are a small school with big ambition for every pupils academic and pastoral outcomes. We also pride ourselves on seeing our pupils as individuals and make every effort to meet their personal learning needs. This is achieved through the expertise of our fabulous teaching team in adapting their teaching to encourage everyone to reach their individual goals. We encourage our pupils and families to be curious at all times and talk about our passions, challenges, successes and our different role in society. We fully understand and embrace the responsibility to prepare all pupils for the next stage of their education. At Great Abington we do that very well and feedback from our feeder Colleges is overwhelmingly positive that Great Abington pupils are resilient, respectful and motivated learners.
Our School Values
At the heart of our school philosophy are our nine core values: respect, responsibility, resilience, cooperation, caring, confidence, honesty, understanding and motivation.  We integrate teaching the values throughout all lessons and our wide range of sporting, cultural and arts based enrichment activities. By working together children meet opportunities to cooperate, to be resilient in overcoming difficulties and to take responsibility for contributing to a team effort. We are an accredited school that has been awarded the VBE IVET School's Quality Mark and we have led sessions on the impact Values have on pupils outcomes.
We often describe our school as being like an extended family. Our small size means that we can all learn each others’ names and get to know everyone. To encourage children to develop a caring attitude towards younger pupils, all children become part of one of our school families, the Badgers, Foxes, Rabbits, Moles and Squirrels.   Family groups meet together regularly to share reading sessions, carry out activities and to discuss issues to put forward at School Council. This system helps us to give all our children a chance to have their say in aspects of school life.
General Information
The school has a maximum number of 140 children, split over 5 classes. This means we are skilled in teaching mixed age group classes and make the most of the opportunities this presents.   Each year we are able to offer 20 places in Reception. Our Governing Body and Strategic Leadership team are committed to maintaining a discreet Year 6 class of no more than 20 pupils to ensure each pupil is properly prepared for the next stage of their education journey. There is no hiding place in Class 5 and all pupils are expected to show responsibility, resilience, confidence, caring and cooperation as they model and coach other pupils at Great Abington. Feedback from Linton and Sawston Village Colleges, as well as other independent schools, evidences how well prepared all pupil groups are with this personalised approach to Year 6.

Quite a number of our pupils live outside our catchment villages of the Abingtons and Hildersham. Before and after school care is available in a separate annex building on site at “GAPS” from 0
7.45 am until 6.00 pm. Also housed in the same building is Abington Pre-School catering for children from two. Being on site means all three organisations can work together in the best interests of the children and their families.
We are lucky at Great Abington to have the support of a parent body that is keen to be involved in school life. This may be through our hard-working Parent, Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA) or by popping in to hear readers, or help with classroom jobs. Whenever possible we make use of the talents and expertise of parents and members of the local community.

As a small school we have established strong partnerships with Granta Park Science Park, Cambridge University, Teaching Schools and Alliances to ensure our capacity to improve pupil outcomes is maximized at all levels. We are a proud and active partner school within the Cambridge and Suffolk School Alliance (CASSA) and are used by Cambridgeshire County Council as an example of good practice.
I am extremely proud to be the Head teacher of Great Abington Primary School. I am proud of our dedicated team of wonderful teachers, teaching assistants, governors, PTFA members and supportive parent body, who support and challenge on a daily basis to ensure pupil outcomes are as good as they can be for every individual. Most of all, I’m proud of our children, who continue to question, challenge and invigorate us on a daily basis! If you would like to come and look around for yourself, please email or phone the school office to make an appointment. I’d love you to see Great Abington School for yourself!

Guy Underwood

Headteacher | Great Abington Primary School
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